Me, the creator

I’ve always loved sewing and all things art and crafty from a very early age.  Memories of doodling bright pictures to stick all over my bedroom walls and happy days playing in my Nan’s little sewing stool – mesmerised by the treasures inside; buttons of all shapes and sizes, threads, little bundles of cloth – I’d play for hours.  I went on to study fashion and textiles at college followed by a Surface Pattern Design diploma.

Like many people, my life meandered in various directions through my 20’s and 30’s and I worked in education, in sales and most recently in administration.  Now in my 40’s, my desire to be creative and produce beautiful things is flourishing again and is at an all-time high.  I am really enjoying making all these beautiful bags and accessories, being steered by my love of colour, texture and striking prints, and enjoying the challenge of producing perfectly neat lines of top stitch and accurate precision pattern cutting.  I often find myself lost in the moment at my machine and I look up at the clock and it’s 3am.

Pip & Bindle

The name ‘Pip & Bindle’ was created by my nicknames for my two children; Emma, my Pip, and Robbie, my Bindle. We make and sell beautiful handcrafted bags and dressing table / travel accessories.  We offer embroidered personalisation on all of our products, which is especially lovely when purchasing a gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentines, etc.  We also offer a complete customisation service called ‘Customise your Own’ which you’ll find details of in the top menu.  Here you can select your item but then choose all the fabrics, zip and thread colours and embroidery placement to design a unique one-off item to cherish.  

Anyone who loves gorgeous “stand out from the crowd” pieces, colourful unique prints, butterflies, peacocks, leaves and all things pretty will love owning a Pip & Bindle item.

The future

I am very excited about producing some of my own fabric print designs and am working on some design ideas.  I also intend to explore different shapes and styles of bags as I build up a feel of what customers really want from feedback on my current lines.  I am also a big lover of Christmas and am looking forward to making some Christmas themed wallets for sure.